One year planning and organizing and now it's over. 
Our reunion was a success. 
We had a great turn out and everyone had a great time.
Thank you ...
Jerry Mackay -
for the use of your home and all of your hard work to make our 31st reunion a huge success!
The trampoline sign was a great addition
Aimee Coopersmith
For taking care of the finances
Jeff Schaub, Bobby Hopes, Arturo Servian
We couldn't have done it without you
Don Pupke
Organize the golf outing and contributed tons of memoriable
Jane Ellen Cooper, Pat Clifford, Barbara Eisen and Al Bretscher
Memoriable and tons of photo's
Diane Tomaino
For helping me on Friday and Saturday and sweating your butt off in my un-air conditioned car
Vinny Viviano
For entertaining us AGAIN!!!
Jerry's Next Door Neighbor
for the use of his yard for our party tent
Thank you for those who attended. You made it all worthwhile!
If I missed anyone, I will feel like such a jerk!!
I truly enjoyed being a part of organizing our reunion and look forward to the 41st!
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