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My '70 Mustang. One of two remaining pics - as requested by Mike Tessitore. (M. Zelios)
My '70 Mustang. One of two remaining pics - as requested by Mike Tessitore. (M. Zelios)
Varsity Football Team '77 Among the Class of '77 Members are Bobby Dexter, Don Pupke, Ricky Vela, Andy McMahon, Bruce Phillips, Doug LeRoy, Bob Millione, Tony Raia, Fred Nicotera, Rich Summers, Bill Torrens, and Dave Epstein
M*A*S*H* with - among others, Corine Slawin, Jessica Berkowitz, Lew Fenichel
Class of '76 Graduation Ceremony Dan Pupke
Class of '76 Graduation Ceremony Sue Gold and Don Pupke
The Pupke Brothers - Dan and Don
Loretta Grasso, Judy Marinus and Lori Andiman
The Kaplan "Sisters" Jane and Debbie and Gerrie Huber
I think its (l to r) Diane Tomaino, Sue Henry, Frank Millilo, Maria Mochetta
Roseanne Scarmazzino, Joanne Lovalvo, Bobby Appenzeller, Bob Yuhas(?)
GerriAnn Lynn and Joel Greinfenberger
Howie Bernstein, Brian Robinson, Ricky Vela and Fred Nicotera
The Flying Enchiladas
Ken Meany, Andy McMahon, John Kirschbaum and Bruce Phillips
Fred Nicotera, Al Mc Cusker, Scott Baxter, Dean Lavas and Ron Biegner
Junior Prom - Nice Leisure Suits (l to ) Scott Baxter, Bobby Appenzeller, Al McCusker, Don Pupke, Marshall Rear
Junior Prom, (l to r) Kenny Meany, Freed Nicotera, John Kirshbaum, Ricky Vela, Jimmy Frain, Scott Baxter, Al McCusker, Marshall Rear and Ronnie Biegner
Junior High Club Wiht Mr. Kiley
7th Grade Student Council
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